Broken screen

We purchase mobile phone screens in piece or Kg regardless of the brand or model. Our purchases are regularly carried out by our field team in all districts of Istanbul. The model we are interested in is among the models of Broken screen. Additionally, we also evaluate shell phone scrap, electronic card scrap, computer scrap, and tablet scrap. By selling your electronic waste to us, you can help us protect the environment. You can contribute to your budget while being a part of the recycling chain. You can contact our customer representative via WhatsApp or Support line.

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Cracked Broken Screens; Shedding Light to the Future with Recycling

When a phone screen cracks, it will most likely still continue to function. This happens only because of the outer glass cracking. The cracked screen can be refurbished and reused. Recycled screens are much cheaper compared to newly manufactured screens, and their quality performance ratio is also close to factory production. Don’t throw away your Broken screen, you can reduce your costs by selling it to Myhurda

Screen replacement: Don’t forget to replace your damaged screen

Make a backup of your mobile phone before delivering it to a service point and request your broken screen when you receive it. This is a way to reduce the repair cost. Myhurda buys damaged cracked Broken screen. Supporting recycling benefits both the environment and your budget.

Using a cracked screen is very risky

Using a cracked Broken screen carries the risk of data loss, additional expenses, and jeopardizing important business deals. These risks can be eliminated by contributing to your budget through Myhurda. After the Broken screen replacement process, you can reduce your repair costs by selling your requested damaged screen to Myhurda. We want to be with you to support recycling.

Cracked screens; contributing to the economy

Cracked screens are evaluated as scrap by being disassembled into components in recycling facilities. Myhurda collects cracked screens from the market to protect our natural resources and works to obtain refurbished screens. Contribution to the economy and protection of natural resources are achieved through recycling.

Our Story

The founder of Myhurda discovered the potential of the recycling industry after the screen of his own phone cracked and seized the opportunity by turning to the recycling industry. He decided to combine the idea of recycling his old phone’s screen, reducing repair costs, and at the same time, preserving our natural resources. As Myhurda entered the recycling industry, it worked to reclaim scrap phones. First, it collected a large number of scrap phones and researched whether they were suitable for the recycling process. After a long research and testing process, the experiences gained showed that it was on the right track. When he saw that the workforce was growing rapidly, he also discovered the power of recycling. Myhurda encouraged people to sell their scrap phones and contribute to the recycling chain, thus taking an important step towards preserving our natural resources. Myhurda has now become an important player in the recycling of damaged cell phone screens. You can support recycling with us and collaborate to preserve our natural resources.

We are working harder every day to eliminate the problems faced by mobile phone repair workshops

As Myhurda, we play a leading role in the recycling industry. As experts in collecting recycled mobile phone screens for many years, we visit technical service platforms for the mobile phone industry and work together with our partners. We uniquely understand the challenges of the industry and constantly strive to improve our service delivery and work to ensure that our partners can achieve the highest possible profits. We are proud of our experience and continue to fulfill the social responsibilities that come with being in the recycling industry. You can support recycling and collaborate with us to protect our natural resources.

Do you have a mobile phone repair company? We are one of the most reputable and professional buyers of scrap mobile phone screens

As a company specialized in the recycling industry, we are ready to purchase your broken screens. We offer the highest prices for your broken screens with competitive prices and a transparent market understanding. Additionally, we hope to help your business generate additional monthly income. If you want to sell your broken screens as soon as possible, we will get back to you with a purchase offer after you provide us with the quantity and model information. You are in the right place according to your location.

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